LABS offers Insurance Backed Guarantee for completed work

12th March 2018

LABS as a Wykamol Approved Contractor offers Insurance Backed Guarantee. We can give you the peace of mind that when you request one. When we contact, we will be able to offer you a guarantee from CGS. Sticking a pin into a phone book gives you a more limited chance of finding a contractor good enough…

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LABS offer advice on potential condensation treatment

9th March 2018

Condensation is the most common form of unwanted dampness in properties. It forms as a result of moisted laden air which hits a cold surface. The air in buildings can have a high level of relative humidity due to human activity (cooking, drying clothes, breathing and so on). When this water laden air comes into…

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Thinking about a basement conversion, what are the costs?

8th March 2018

When looking at a basement conversion, you must think firstly that each project is different. In some cases, creating a space underneath the existing building is the only way to increase the usable square footage of the building. This is one of the reasons why basement conversions are so popular in central London, where opportunities…

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Introduction of the Damp Shop/LABS Building Services Limited

6th March 2018

The Damp Shop opened in November 2017 at 66 Crookes. LABS Building Services has been operating since January 2016. The company director has more than 6 years experience with damp proofing and structural waterproofing. The company as a whole, sells mainly damp proofing products and provides damp proofing services. LABS Building Services does not just…

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