LABS talks tough on Thor Helical supplies


LABS supplies Thor Helical products which is a unique range of the structural repair items for builders and remedial repair specialists.

The advanced range of products is at the leading edge of development in terms of performance and quality. All the products are backed by Wykamol’s Technical support network helping with specification and design of effective repair strategies.

Thor helical range of products includes:

The Thor Helical Remedial products range from Wykamol offers the second generation of helical, a stress free masonry reinforcement.

Their patented manufacturing process which was used to produce Thor Heliforce Bars doubles the effective tensile strength of the stainless steel round wire by means of double work hardening.

The perfect pitch technology unique to Thor Helical Remedial products forms a precise helical path in the material into which they are driven, providing an accurate mating interlock. Each Thor Helical Remedial section is balanced in section, stiffness and pitch to optimise ease of driving, improve reliability and enhance performance.

The Thor Helical product range including additional items like the Remedial Exopy and Polyester Resin which are a waterproof bonding agent. There is also the Exopy Arcrylate which is a similar product. All the products mentioned has the high strength properties, it can be used to attach fixing to a wall or reinforce components like nuts and bolts.

The Thor flexi-grout can be used to stop bricks from slipping. It can act as a crack repairing tool and as reinforcement for a wall.

The Thor lateral restraints can be used as a low cost and minimal disruption way to offer extra support. This is needed when there is excessive vertical loads and inadequate mechanical connection between perimeter walls and the main structure of the building.


Wykamol’s range includes wall ties, crack stitching, beaming and lintel reinforcement solutions for the structural repair specialist. The extensive product range and technical library can be viewed using this link on the LABS website.